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Hemming Jeans… Into Shorts

By now you know that we love jeans. What can we say… they’re the perfect pant. Still, we are willing to concede that jeans are not — I repeat, are not — appropriate for every occasion. Only the strongest…

Denim Diaries

Breaking in Denim – N&F Women’s Jeans

Welcome to our second instalment of Denim Diaries. In this series, we explore the break in process of 6 pairs of Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans. In our last article, we met Jen, Zoe and Montana and introduced the…

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Dutil Stories: Abba

This blog post marks the start of a new series of posts we’ll be hosting on our blog — Dutil Stories. Denim is fascinating in its own right. A person could spend hours and hours online familiarizing themselves with…

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Denim 101 – The Ultimate Denim Guide

Trust us — we know how strange ‘Denim 101’ sounds. There’s a compendium for jeans? In fact, there is! Or at least, there should be. There’s a lot to know about denim, after all; whether it be denim history,…


Outland Denim: A Brand on a Mission

Aussie brand Outland marries quality production with ethical practices. This eco-friendly, ethical denim brand began with an important mission: create jeans that can be a source of good in the world. To accomplish this mission, Outland hires and trains…

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Rag & Bone Fit 2 – Tonal Rinse Review

Started in New York in 2002, Rag & Bone has become recognized for the way it melds British heritage with American edge and innovation. The importance of quality, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail is informed by the brand’s…

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Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans: Denim Diaries

The Challenge with Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans When it comes to denim fabrics, we consider ourselves relatively impartial. Stretch denim? Love it. Raw, Japanese Selvedge? We’re feeling it. High rise, low rise – it doesn’t matter to us.…


Naked & Famous Classic Fit – Review

When Brandon Svarc launched Naked & Famous Denim in 2008 he brought raw denim to the forefront of the Canadian clothing market. His focus was to create great, no-B.S. jeans from beautiful Japanese denim without the fanfare of celebrity…