IDC x Doublewood Create A New Denim Blueprint

West Coast Think Tanks Team up on Collaboration Raw Selvedge Denim

West Coast Think Tanks Team up on Collaboration Raw Selvedge Denim

In under a year, lifelong friends Jeffrey Lee, Robin Chan and Jade Lam wove their denim dreams into a reality by forming the up-and-coming denim workshop, Doublewood Denim. As high school friends in Hong Kong, Lee and Chan often imagined what their ideal pair of jeans would look and feel like, but unfortunately never found it in local and international marketplaces. Higher education drew them to California where they attended UC Berkeley in pursuits of non-denim related careers. Lee honed his design skills as an architect, Chan tackled the world of Silicon Valley as a software programmer, and it was around this time that they met the marketing maven Jade Lam.

With a unifying passion for classic raw denim and their triad of strengths, the timing was perfect for the formation of Doublewood. The three friends began to design and prototype their denim in their home base of San Francisco while production took place in small batches at Lam’s family owned-and-operated manufacturing business in China. Lee notes, “We didn’t pick any random factory in China just for the sake of cheap labour. It’s a family heritage.” And this is where Doublewood sits in the evolving world of denim – at the juncture of Eastern and Western cultures, heritage and forward-thinking design.

Their moonlight project caught the attention of Vancouver think tank International Design Collective, and the two creative houses seized the opportunity to put together a limited run of narrow legged, raw white selvedge denim with other unique details including a single sterling silver rivet, selvedge pocket and an exclusive vegetable tanned leather patch. They will be available at Vancouver and Toronto dutil. locations beginning on March 28th. I sat down and talked to Jeffrey Lee about the vision and aesthetic of the collaboration and the blueprints of this very special project.

All are invited to the launch of the IDC x Doublewood collaboration at dutil. on Saturday, March 28, 4-6pm. The founders of Doublewood will be in attendance and drinks will be served.


We can see the strong attention to detail in your denim – do you think that’s a testament to the discipline ingrained from your day jobs?

Definitely! Coming from an architecture background, I was trained to be very critical about small details. So there is some crossover. And obviously with denim, construction is different, but it’s based on similar principles but on very different scales. With architecture, you put together details and you draw something up in 2D and it takes much longer to come up with the actual product.

So it’s a different scale design project, and it’s very fun. I still love architecture and I’ll do that for the rest of my life, but there’s only so much that you can control – you’re working with different contractors and tons of workers. Jeans are a different mindset, there are different limitations to the outcome, but you’re working at a quicker speed, different layers. It’s more hand’s on, you have more control – that’s the part we like.

Being a part of the denim community, do you find more up and coming brands coming from a stronger design background, as opposed to fashion?

I am not sure! I would imagine so. But all three of us don’t come from fashion backgrounds. We know what we like and we just run with it.

_Details-JP Whiteline Selvedge Denim

What new factors did you consider and what did you want to explore with the IDC and Doublewood collaboration?

It’s our first collaboration. I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration with interesting people. We have always had the capacity to do something really special, but we wanted to make sure we worked with like-minded people. That’s where the really fun ideas come from. And that’s the spirit of Doublewood and IDC.

So it all fell together really naturally. Given our family-owned factory, we had much more leverage to do something special in a small batch. There are only 30 pairs made, just a little bit over a size run – once it’s gone, it’s gone. I like that notion. We never wanted to mass produce jeans – and all our production happens in small batches. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of commitment! (laughs) But I always like to refine ideas, add new details, but keep the essence of a cut and style. So we talked to IDC and they were on board. It was the right timing.

The collaboration uses a heavier denim, it’s 17.25oz raw white selvedge from Kaihara Mills. It’s a very good mill that we work with.

_Details-Hand-Stamped numbering

Did you have a specific icon or customer in mind when you were designing this batch?

That’s a great question. I guess I designed it for people like me. (laughs) It’s a very personal project – Robin and I wanted to create a pair of jeans that we didn’t exactly see in the market. That’s the reason why we started this brand. I imagined that the person who would be drawn to these jeans cares about the simplicity of raw denim, but with thoughtful details that will enhance through age and wear.

So you guys have been around for a year now – what sort of feedback and reception have you guys been getting so far?

I really enjoy talking to people who wear our jeans. Sometimes I get random emails about how much they like them. It’s very interesting because as an architect, you design a space then that’s it. But with jeans, you get to really engage with people who wear your product. When you see it on the street too, it’s really exciting!

Have you had some sightings up here in Vancouver or in San Francisco?

Yes! There’s actually a fun story behind that. My good friend and co-worker at the architecture firm was on a date with this guy from the financial district. So she was telling him about why she likes her job and that she’s got cool co-workers that do things like yoga instructing, denim designing, etc. So this guy she was on a date with was a denim head, and asked my friend what the name of our brand was. She was really modest and said, “You wouldn’t have heard of them because they’ve just launched.” But the guy insisted and she told him we’re called Doublewood Denim. And he was like, “No way!” and it was crazy because he was wearing our jeans on the date!

So you not only helped this guy find a great pair of jeans, but you may have helped him find love!

Yeah, I’m not sure if that worked out, but I approve of the guy since he obviously has good taste in fashion! (laughs)


Headed for the Frisco Bay

Doublewood Denim’s essential San Francisco Guide


It is the birthplace of blue jeans and home to leading-edge denim brands Levi’s and Tellason. It was the main hub for the American poetic avant-garde in the 1940s. These days, it is the haven for tech savants and creative agencies. We chatted with Jeffrey Lee of Doublewood Denim to find out more about the city that inspires all these artistic and intellectual leaps – San Francisco.

Jeffrey gave us this comprehensive list that serves as a delightful springboard for all the unique spots in the Golden City. If you would like to set off on a journey in local style, then this is the guide for you. You may notice that when the Doublewood team isn’t working on denim, they live for top-notch food and libations!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

You may have heard of the cruffin, but did you know about the great lengths a few devotees went through to get ahold of this prized pastry? Apparently, a few hooligans made it their mission to steal the bakehouse’s secret recipe last February, but left the cash register and valuables untouched. Talk about priorities!


St. Frank

There are way too many great third wave coffee roasters in this fair city. But St. Frank boasts picturesque interiors and an absolutely transcending caffe tonic.


Heath Ceramics at Mission

Forget about the Ferry Building location. Visit this local ceramic mecca in the proper setting – it’s been drawing crowds in for over 65 years. Integrated with a blue bottle coffee , Heath Ceramics represents the epitome of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist.

heath ceramics

Wilson & Wilson

This detective agency-themed speakeasy is undeniably one of a kind. They are operated by the Bourbon & Branch folks next door. Don’t forget to make a reservation – a secret code is required at the door.


Liholiho yacht club

This is probably the most anticipated restaurant opening in Spring 2015. We can’t wait for the Hawaiian-inspired spot’s fusion menu.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.09.49 PM

James Turrell’s Skyspace at de Young Museum

A walk in the GG park on a summer day is surreal, but even more so when you walk up to the copper Swiss-designed de Young museum. A vast portion of the museum is accessible without admission fees. Amongst these public museum spaces, James Turrell’s skyspace is our unanimous favourite.


Beauty’s Bagel Shop

This gem is located across the bay, but we’ll go pretty far to eat a Montreal-style bagel paired with perfectly crisp and seasoned fried chicken! While you’re in the East Bay, do not miss the eclectic Temescal Alley and Berkeley Marina for a scenic field trip.


Lands End Trail – Presidio

You will stand in awe when you see the 100-year-old Sutro Bath ruins at Lands End Trail. Make sure you see the Main Post at Presidio before it gets an upgrade in the near future too!


The Vancouver designer talks about her series of handbags and her exploration of movement and transformation

A Conversation with Epoche Designs’ Angela McGrath

The Vancouver designer talks about her series of handbags and her exploration of movement and transformation

The Vancouver designer talks about her series of handbags and her exploration of movement and transformation

Vancouver designer Angela McGrath recently caught our eye with her striking and intelligent line of fine leather products. Operating under the name Epoche Designs, she has ventured into uncharted territory in the booming handbag industry. It was in her final year studying at Emily Carr University that she began to envision her place in the ever-changing fashion vista. Every piece in her collection is handsewn and uniquely screenprinted – the patterns are created in an intuitive manner and treated like paintings. For the most part, they are inspired by landscapes and the different elements of her surrounding environments. Her thoughtful and meticulous process results in functional, evolving art pieces.

She often asked herself,  “How can I fit into another category that is going to be something I haven’t seen out there.” Eventually, her daring nature and intuition led her to a vision for adventurous products that marry her backgrounds in Fine Art and Fashion. She initially began her creative journey creating leather bags from salvaged jackets, furthered her craft at Parsons New School for Design and eventually completed her degree in Print Media at Emily Carr University.

We recently sat down with the rising artist and discussed what shaped her creative direction, the challenge with working such a malleable material, and the sources of her inspiration.

Screen printing

Looking back, what’s the first art piece that you were truly proud of.

That’s hard! Because anytime you make a piece, you’re truly proud of it. Then sometimes you look back, and you’re like, “Oh that was pretty bad.” (laughs) As silly as this sounds, the first thing that made me think, “I’m a badass” was when I drew Simba from the Lion King! (laughs) That was when I was about 12 years old. But for more serious pieces of work, I think they came together in my fourth year at Emily Carr. I really started finding my voice and my aesthetic. The things I made there are the things I’m still proud of – they’ve stood the test of time!

Were there any challenges or fear about working with leather when you first started playing with this material?

One of the biggest fears was the cost – because you’re doing something risky on an expensive material. If something goes wrong, you’re out on hundreds of dollars, so it’s kind of crazy. I wasn’t too scared or hesitant about the implications of using leather because it’s such a common material. But the direction I chose to go with, in line with my background in using recycled leather, I still wanted to do something that was smart and wasn’t destroying things.

So the choice of vegetable tanned leather seemed like the right choice – because chrome tanned leather is just horrific for the planet and it’s terrible for the workers that process it. It’s very toxic for their lungs. So I wanted to make a better choice that actually supports artisans. It’s a crazy process that makes this leather. But in the end, you can’t please everybody. I think that leather is not a wasteful material. Once you have a good leather bag, you keep it forever. I hate disposable fake leather because it falls apart and then you’re just buying another one.

Made from 100% vegetable tanned leather, each wallet is handcrafted to ensure its material speaks to its quality.

Made from 100% vegetable tanned leather, each wallet is handcrafted to ensure its material speaks to its quality.

I was drawn to your ethos about respecting the unpredictable markings that appear on the leather over time. You’ve written, “These are not supposed to be hidden; instead they are celebrated for being individual.” Has it impacted the way you see flaws in different parts of your life? Has the process made you take a magnifying glass to yourself?

I love the uniqueness of these materials and the whole process. So sometimes, I get down because my own clothes and style don’t live up to that – they’re just bare and not up to standard. It does draw me to a certain aesthetic in other peoples’ clothes – things that are really hand made. It’s kind of made me bitter when I go out shopping – it’s hard to touch materials at an H&M or something. I used to enjoy shopping, and now I just think, “Why can’t these garments last?!” It makes me feel like I’m just throwing away money.

The pattern for this tote was inspired by the huge ocean swells that attract surfers and storm watchers to Tofino, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The pattern for this tote was inspired by the huge ocean swells that attract surfers and storm watchers to Tofino, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Is there something in your collection that captures your personality the most?

I guess this bag (pointing at her Tofino tote)! I just love it because it can do it all. It can carry everything I need to take out with me when I’m going to work, then the gym afterwards. I just love the pattern – I love doing marks more than realistically sketching somebody out. I love representing something through movement. It’s light and encapsulates my day-to-day life now where I’m just running around all the time.

I know that every bag is named after a place, so what is the significance of that?

I was channeling the idea of that place when I was making the pattern. So with the Tofino Tote, I was thinking of the waves crashing during storm season. That represents that to me.

Do you find that there is a safe haven that you go to or think of when you need some peace of mind or a burst of inspiration?

I can’t always get to the mountains, but just being able to see them is really cool. I grew up mostly in Texas. I lived in Dallas-Fort Worth from when I was 5 to 15 years old. My whole family is Canadian, so we’d always come back for vacations. So just seeing the mountains and seeing pine trees has such a significance – it calms me down and makes me feel at home.

Angela’s products will be available through dutil.’s online store until the end of the March. Visit our feature page to see the whole collection and place an order.



Vancouver winners Colleen Meegan, Conrad Pazdyk, and Aleksey Balotskiy

Faded Glory at Annual Denim Competition


Fade February 2015_7

dutil. rallies denim experts and fans for Fade February competition

“The experience of raw denim is patience and perseverance” – David Strong, Freenote Cloth.

dutil.‘s annual showcase of the country’s most jaw-dropping faded jeans didn’t disappoint denim heads in Vancouver and Toronto this past weekend. Before the complimentary PBRs even hit the cooler, and esteemed industry experts arrived for the competition, throes of denim connoisseurs and their supportive friends were already packing the sidewalks of both store locations to celebrate the end of Fade February.

Vancouver judges from left to right, Carmen Faye Mathes (Sad Mag), Matt Townsend (Nudie), David Strong (Freenote Cloth), Jeffrey Lee (Doublewood Project)

Vancouver judges from left to right, Carmen Faye Mathes (Sad Mag), Matt Townsend (Nudie), David Strong (Freenote Cloth), Jeffrey Lee (Doublewood Project)

For this year’s friendly competition, our judging panel consisted of Matt Townsend and Corey Spencer from Nudie Jeans, Freenote Cloth’s Sales Director David Strong, Doublewood Project co-founder Jeffrey Lee, Sad Mag’s representative Carmen Faye Mathes, Tammy Thorne of Dandyhorse Magazine, and Adam Cruickshanks from Pabst Blue Ribbon. We relied on their keen eyes and experience to settle on a seemingly impossible conclusion – which jeans in front of them had faded with maximum contrast and personality? Amongst 50 online and in-store entries, our judges managed to pick eight winners.

In Vancouver, Conrad Pazdyk nabbed third place with his Dirty Fade Weird Guys by Naked and Famous. These Weird Guys are 14oz and have been worn for two and half years. They were soaked twice, first at the 12-month mark and again eight months after that. Surprisingly these jeans have not required any repairs. Instagram: @conraadpaz

Vancouver winners Colleen Meegan, Conrad Pazdyk, and Aleksey Balotskiy

Vancouver winners Colleen Meegan, Conrad Pazdyk, and Aleksey Balotskiy

In second place, Colleen Meegan stole the show with her pair of Tight Long Johns by Nudie Jeans. These jeans are 11oz and were worn for three years between 2009 and 2012 before being forced into retirement. They were washed once after 18 months. There have been a total of four repairs made on the garment, including patchwork on the knee, thigh, crotch, and back inseam. Instagram: @gradualgram

Vancouver’s grand winner was Aleksey Balotskiy with his Petit Standards by APC. This pair uses 12oz denim and has been worn for two years and seven months without any washes. dutil. recommends the Cure Apothecary x IDC’s Antibacterial Denim Spray  for non-washers. There have been two repairs to the crotch. Twitter: @abalotsk

In Toronto, third place went to Krystian Kielbasa and his New Cures by APC. They are 12oz and have been worn just under four years. They were washed twice, first in the ocean and then in a regular cold wash.

Jonathan Cheng from Toronto's winning entry

Jonathan Cheng from Toronto’s winning entry

Second place winner was Justin Black and his pair of United Stock Dry Goods jeans. They are 12.5oz and were worn for 2 years. They were washed three times, all in cold water.

And the grand prize in Toronto went to Jonathan Cheng and his pair of New Standards by APC. The New Standards are 12oz and were worn for four and half years. They were washed four times in total.

From our online entries, our judges were incredibly impressed with Gordon Clark and his Deep Indigo Selvedge Skinny Guys by Naked and Famous. His Skinny Guys are 14oz and have roughly five years of wear. He’s repaired them personally with canvas and leather patches five times. Yitzhak Bongenaar from Indonesia, also won with his pair of Left Hand Twill Skinny Guys by Naked and Famous. His jeans are 14oz and 18 months old. They were washed three times and are absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations to all our winners who walked away with a fresh pair of raw denim courtesy of our judges and sponsors from Naked and Famous, Doublewood Project and Nudie Jeans, and Freenote Cloth.

With every Fade February that passes, it becomes increasingly apparent how adventurous and creative both denim makers and their appreciators are becoming. This yearly event brings to light the people in the denim community who simply want to share their stories and honour the craft. As Jeffery Lee notes, “Its fun to see how people offer their own perspective of how they wear their denim.”

dutil. is ecstatic to host these gatherings of like-minded but unique souls – a forum where they can get together and celebrate the journey from pristine raw to faded glory. Or, as Matt from Nudie Jeans notes, “It’s a piece of art – you start with a blank canvas and end with Van Gogh’s starry night.”

- James Davidson

Image Courtesy of

So…we’re peg rolling again?

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

How to do a Peg Roll:

When in need of some serious denim styling inspiration, look no further than the 1980’s. Style icons like Molly Ringwald and Madonna have been such incredible influences on our fashion choices, and we absolutely love recreating and adapting their legendary looks. One of our current favorites is the peg roll (a.k.a the tight roll). The pegged jean is a perfect way to rock a pair of old bootcuts, straight-legs, or any looser fitting jeans.

  1. Grab the extra denim around your ankles at the front and pull it forward, so the back of your jean is fairly tight against your skin.
  2. Fold the extra denim inwards or outwards, creating a diagonal crease at the front.
  3. Roll the denim up twice. The second roll will be tighter, allowing it to hold its place.

If you’re feeling extra sassy, ladies, pair your freshly pegged jeans with some chunky heels. And gentlemen, how about some socks and sneakers? (If you’re as inspired by Zack Morris as I am.)


Free Jeans for the Winners of Fade February 2015 – Submit Your Fades Now!



Fade February, is a contest in celebration of the patina achieved by constant devotion to not washing one single pair of jeans for an extended period of time – the winners will receive a brand new pair to start working in.

You stink, but your jeans look great!

Like a fine cheese, raw denim gets infinitely better, albeit smellier with age. This is a fact known to denim admirers all over the globe. Despite throwing them in the freezer or hanging them up outside, jeans themselves can get a little musty. This year we will be offering a “Denim Freshening Booth”. Think spray-tan, but instead of being naked and getting orange, you will be wearing clothing and getting fresh.

We will be hosting the event on Saturday, February 28th from 4:00pm-5:00pm – all are invited to drop by and grab a thirst quenching Pabst Blue Ribbon while finding out who will be crowned this year’s winners of the Fade February competition.

Think your fades have what it takes to win? See below for how to enter!

What You’ll Win:

The top 3 fades at each location will win one free pair of jeans from either

Doublewood, Freenote Cloth or Nudie Jeans.

Two online winners will win a pair of Naked & Famous Denim.

How To Enter:

Send the following info to the location at which you would like to enter:


Brand/Style of Jean:

Length of Time Worn:

Number of Washes:

Location of Entry (Vancouver, Toronto, Online)

dutil. Vancouver

dutil. Toronto

The event takes place from 4-5pm, and you are required to be in-store with your jeans on Saturday February 28th, at 3:30pm for registration. Our specially-appointed panel of judges will then determine this year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, which will be announced at 5pm!

Can’t make it into one of our locations?.. enter online! This year we are giving two chances to win a pair of jeans in our online portion of the contest. Just send your submission to:

dutil. Online


Spring 2015 Denim Trends

“Cuffed Up”

Dark skinnies are a necessity for any closet. No matter the weather or the destination, our dark skinny jeans are a perfect go-to. This season, we’re focused on flaunting extra large cuffs, and our favourite pair to do that with is the dutil. Quintessential Series in the mid-rise (which is also available in a high-rise, and in black, too).

Click to purchase the dutil. Quintessential Skinny Mid-Rise

Click to purchase the dutil. Quintessential Skinny Mid-Rise

“Denim on Denim 2.0”

We’re giving the term “denim on denim” a new meaning this spring. Rather than falling victim to the “Canadian Tuxedo”, we’re revamping our denim tuxes by pairing dark jeans with a white denim jacket. We love the contrast between the two colours, as well as between the raw and washed denim textures. Todd is wearing a Naked & Famous Natural Nep Selvedge jacket with the Neuw Ray Tapered jean in Indigo Dip.

Click to Shop the Collection

Click to Shop the Collection

“It’s All in the Details…”

Exotic prints and Spring/Summer collections go hand in hand. But if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and go full-on pastel floral this spring, Naked & Famous has got you covered with their dark tropical print Regular Shirt. We think the shirt looks pretty fantastic paired with both light and dark denim (or both!).

Click to Shop the Collection

Click to Shop the Collection

“Boyish Charm”

Anything men can wear, women can wear just as well. Ladies, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zones this season and experiment with men’s fits. We all know they’ve got a hell of a lot more options when it comes to raw denim. Take the “boyfriend” look to a more literal level by actually wearing his favorite pair of raws. Lizzie is wearing the men’s Naked & Famous Weird Guy Stretch Selvedge paired with a dutil. pocket t-shirt in organic cotton.

Click to Shop the Collection

Click to Shop the Collection

“Green on Blue”

Who said wearing green on blue was a fashion faux pas? They clearly hadn’t taken a peek at Spring 2015 fashion trends yet. This season we’re combining the earthy tones and shades of navy seen on catwalks with our dutil. Quintessential Series jean in the “Lean” fit. The delicate fading and subtle green undertones of the jean help pull the trendy look together and make it wearable for work, school or play.

Click to Purchase the dutil. Quintessential Lean

Click to Purchase the dutil. Quintessential Lean

“The Boyfriend”

A human boyfriend? Please. We promise that these boyfriends will never break your heart. Rag & Bone does it right with subtle distressing and just the right amount of cuff (we absolutely love the higher cuff on these guys.) Whether you’re dressing for comfort on a Monday morning or feeling sassy on a Saturday night, these versatile bad boys will transform along with you. Lizzie is wearing the Rag & Bone Boyfriend in Moss.

Click to Purchase the Rag & Bone Dre in Moss with Rips

Click to Purchase the Rag & Bone Dre in Moss with Rips

“Washed Out”

The 70’s called…they said they love your bleached denim. Dark jeans may be essential, but as the days get brighter, so should our jeans. With this look, we’re keeping the distressing to a minimum with subtle bleaching and zero rips. Make like Todd, and wear these light washed Nudie Tape Teds in Indigo Blench with a dark chunky sweater – it is the perfect first step in your transition from dark winter attire to lighter summer duds.

Click to Purchase the Nudie Tape Ted in Indigo Blench

Click to Purchase the Nudie Tape Ted in Indigo Blench

Photos by Jennifer Campbell.



This poem is a flat out ode to that favourite pair; the ones that have stuck by me through everything…




I’ll wear them with me

Woven can be my wild

The old blues

Made into new hues

This is the naked

I will become

A kind of weight

That will never whine

Willing to dig down


Into the holes and cracks

I shape

Into whatever shade is given

Call me a cowboy

Call me a wrangler

Or call me a woman

Dressed to impress

As I wander

Won’t you follow

My blues

I’ll bring them



DIY Denim Destruction: Will You Be Slicing Your Skinnies or Wearing Your Hems Raw This Spring?

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Don’t worry, your distressed denim hasn’t gone out of style quite yet. This year, though, we’re toning it down a notch and giving our jeans a more conservative cut. Instead of those intense, gaping gashes and completely damaged jeans, we’ll be sporting subtle slices and refined frays that make distressing look a little more polished.

I pulled out some of my old favourites (a couple pairs of Cheap Monday’s and my favourite JBrand’s – the Maria High-rise, to be exact) to give them the ultimate denim revival: A simple cut across the knee and a chopped off hemline exposing just the right amount of ankle. Raw hems with frayed edges aren’t a new trend by any means, but they’ve been sneaking their way back into the spotlight, and into our denim-obsessed hearts. This edgy hem combined with a clean cut across the knee will give any pair of skinnies a fierce finish.

Forget about all of those other DIY alterations that have gone horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. This denim DIY is a sure-fire, idiot-proof way to give your old jeans new life.

All you’ll need are scissors and an exacto knife.

  1. Turn your jeans inside out.
  2. If you’re feeling cautious, draw a line where you want your cuts to be. Straight across the knee or just above the knee looks best!
  3. Slice a straight line across from the inseam to the outer seam. Try sticking a piece of cardboard or something inside your jeans to protect yourself from accidently creating some super awkward-looking capri/shorts.
  4. And if you’re feeling particularly rebellious, hack off your hems. Seriously, just cut them off with scissors. Just make sure you measure how much you want to take off before you cut!

*Your washing machine will give your newly raw hems some more character by fraying the edges.

Cuddly Resolutions

When the ball drops and the glitter clears on the first day of the year, ya’ll are determined to work away those sads. I wanna help. Let’s look at some stuff that will make this winter cuddly and this new year hopeful.

Harlow and Sage

Harlow and Sage












1) @harlowandsage

If you’ve never seen this Instagram feed, get ready for your heart to melt, solidify again, then explode. The stars are Harlow a skeptical Weimaraner and (yes) Sage, a hound with some serious googley eyes. Did I mention they like to cuddle? They cuddle a lot. Plus they have other dog pals and sometime they all cuddle and weeeeeeeee.

2) All the R&B Records

Listening to the funk always makes me want to move– and moving is important in this weather, especially if you are enduring that polar snap. Yes, R&B could save your life. Might I recommend gathering with pals in the living room for some: Al Green, Chaka Khan, Sam Cooke, Aretha, Stevie Wonder, James Brown?

3) The Hot Toddy

Forget about parallel universes and that large hadron collider, the person that discovered this drink was a real genius. Citrus, spice, honey, hot water, and (oh yes) bourbon all mixing together in one glorious steamy treat that will melt you down to your toes. Many variations are available, but I like the ones that add cinnamon sticks to the mix (We mentioned it had bourbon right?).

4) Blankets. So many blankets.

Depending on your hydro bill, you may be averaging 2-5 blankets per night if you live in Toronto. I have long joked that I would straight up wear one around town this winter if the bitter cold got worse; but blanket-lined clothing may be my way to go. Consider a lined denim jacket, work shirt, or some selvedged denim (like Naked & Famous started putting out a few years back). No long johns, no problem.

5) This on repeat:

BTW: Resolutions? Please. You want to improve upon yourself this 2015? You have to make plans. Because resolutions are just plans to further plans. Real talk.