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Iron Heart 666-21 Review

Iron Heart 666-21 Jean on Model

When Shinichi Haraki started Iron Heart in 2003, he had motorcyclists in mind. That is to say, he knew that he wanted to design pieces that would guarantee longevity and accommodate a rugged lifestyle. Enter: the Iron Heart 666-21 (or, ‘the devil’s fit’). This 21oz slim-straight jean is a staple from the brand, and for good reason. Made in Japan’s denim district of Kojima, Okayama, this jean combines Western inspired designs with Japanese craftsmanship. Keep reading for more detailed thoughts…

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The Heaviest Jeans in the World. For Now.

Scale                   Fade February Fact #24: The search to find the heaviest jeans in the world isn’t an easy one, and even if you can get your hands on them, it’s not a comfortable journey to begin with. Anything over 15 oz is considered to be a heavy raw denim, and a good chunk of denim-heads swear by the heavy stuff. It last longer, and eventually softens up. Japanese denim company Iron…

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