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Back to Life: Fall/Winter ’17 Lookbook

Fall/Winter ’17: Falling back into rhythm Well, what can we say? Summer has once again come to an end and the fall season has arrived. However, if you live in Vancouver, then we’re used to 300+ days on Winter. By that, we mean rain, rain and more rain! If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the wonderfully warm and sunny days of summer laying on a beach, traveling around, drinking and eating to your heart’s content, or doing any other…

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Summer to Fall: A guide to that Awkward Period In Between Seasons

It’s officially that awkward time of year when we’re freezing in the morning and sweltering by mid-day. You know, the In Between Seasons season. It is truly the epitome of the summer to fall transition. This awkward time constantly has us wondering how to dress, so we thought we’d give you a few suggestions to get you through this seasonal confusion. In Between Seasons: Layers for Life Layers should be your best friends this time a year. We suggest a…

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