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The Challenge with Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans

When it comes to denim fabrics, we consider ourselves relatively impartial. Stretch denim? Love it. Raw, Japanese Selvedge? We’re feeling it. High rise, low rise – it doesn’t matter to us. Every jean has a place in our heart. However, we’ve noticed a trend time and time again: the most beautiful, comfortable jeans often start off the most uncomfortable. The same thick fabrics and 98 – 100% cotton blends that lend durability and beautiful fades to a jean are the same features that make them so dang uncomfortable – at least at first. Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans are the perfect embodiment of this denim experience.

Longtime Dutil Blog readers will remember the Weathered Project – the 18-month journey of the life of 3 pairs of raw denim. We challenged ourselves to prove once and for all that the initial discomfort of breaking in uncomfortable jeans is worthwhile, and moreover, that you’ll end up with a pair of jeans that make the whole experience worthwhile. What we hope to do here is no different.

6 Jeans. 3 Women. 1 Experiment.

Our approach is scientific. Well, as scientific as it can be. We are talking about denim, after all. In order to get as wide a selection of jeans as possible, we chose three different fits in five different fabrics from the Canadian kings of high-cotton denim: Naked & Famous. Our 3 test subjects were each provided with 2 pairs of jeans and a mission: Wear your jeans – all the time, over the course of 6 months – and report back with your results.

We asked Jen, Zoe and Montana (from our Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary stores, respectively) to test run these jeans. In order to maximize our results, each woman was provided with 2 very different jeans: A skinny jean and a wide leg jean. Something with stretch and something with 100% cotton. The Naked & Famous women’s jeans we’re testing include the High Skinny, the Max and the Classic.

Over the course of the next six months, follow the journey of these six jeans and the women who wear them as we attempt to answer some important questions: How does stretch impact the breaking in process? How many hours does it take for jeans to break in? To what degree will Naked & Famous women’s jeans break in? And most importantly: is it worth the initial discomfort?

Chapter 1: Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans – First Impressions

Chapter 2: Breaking in Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans

Pictured below is Jen wearing her N&F 11oz Selvedge Classics on day one. Make sure to check back (or follow us on instagram) for updates, photos and musings as we go. Happy fading!

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