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Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans: First Impressions

Welcome to Denim Diaries. In this series, we explore the break in process of 6 pairs of Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans. Jen from Vancouver, Zoe from Toronto and Montana from Calgary all weigh in on their first impressions of the Naked & Famous Classic, High Skinny and Max. After 2 weeks of heavy wear, our denim guinea pigs are here to report their initial thoughts on the fits and wear in process of these jeans.

The N&F Classic

Our brave volunteers all gravitated towards the Naked & Famous Classic, and we can see why. This super high rise, wide leg jean is a fit straight out of the 70s. Zoe chose the Indigo Duck Canvas while Montana and Jen opted for the 11oz Stretch Selvedge, a raw denim fabric that fades beautifully. Like all Naked & Famous’s jeans, both fabrics are made in Japan.

Q: What do you like best about the N&F Classic?

Jen: I like that the fit is different than anything I’ve owned previously and that they’re raw! They’re my first pair of raw denim. Jen’s Rating of the Classic 11oz Selvedge: Fit: 7, Style: 7, Comfort: 2

Zoe: I love the fit of these. They’re a high rise straight leg which is really similar to the leg fit i like in mens jeans. I also love the indigo canvas as a jean alternative. I’m even seeing the fades start to peek through. Zoe’s Rating of the Classic Indigo Duck : Fit – 8, Style – 10, Comfort – 9

Montana: I love the cut of this jean with the really high waist and straight leg. I find it’s probably the most trendy fit in the Naked & Famous women’s jean selection. The 11oz is also really comfortable and easy to wear in, it only took me a day for them to soften up and give in a bit. Montana’s Rating of the Classic 11oz Selvedge: Fit: 8, Style: 10, Comfort: 10

Q: What do you dislike about this jean?

Jen: I don’t like the waist to hip ratio. The hips are far too tight and the waist fits perfectly. I’ve also found them to be quite itchy. I really don’t like that they transfer onto everything and I’m afraid to wear white with them. I’m struggling to find things that I own that work with this style. They also make my stomach hurt if I wear them too long. I would make the zipper a bit longer to accommodate just a touch more room in the thigh.

Zoe: I don’t have any major issue with these other than the fact the waist I needed to fit my hip is a little big. I have maybe 1 inch that I could do without it and I know there are other brands that have a little more balance in this proportion.

Montana: I wish these jeans had less gaping in the back. I think if there was just a little more room in the thigh you could achieve a fit where the waist sits flush on your body.

The N&F High Skinny

The high skinny from Naked & Famous is exactly what it sounds like: a high-rise jean that’s skinny in the leg and tapered at the ankle. Unlike most women’s high rise skinnies, the Naked & Famous high rises are modelled in thick, rigid fabrics. Montana chose the famed black power stretch denim which has 5% stretch – a stretchy jean by Naked & Famous’s standards. Jen opted for the 11oz Stretch Selvedge, a raw 98:2 cotton-stretch blend with selvedge detailing.

Q: What do you like best about the N&F High Skinny?

Jen: I like that the fit is similar to what I usually wear but that the colour is a much darker indigo than I would usually wear. I also like that for a skinny they aren’t too tapered at the ankle. Jen’s Rating of the High Skinny 11oz Stretch Selvedge: Fit: 9, Style: 8, Comfort: 8

Montana: These jeans are a nice staple for any women’s wardrobe and I find the stretch recovery in these jeans are a nice feature since a lot of jeans bag out on their first wear. Montana’s Rating of the High Skinny Black Power Stretch: Fit – 7, Style – 10, Comfort – 7

Q: What do you dislike about this jean?

Jen: I don’t dislike a whole lot about these jeans. If I were to change anything I’d give them a vinegar soak so that they wouldn’t transfer so much or actually wash them, and I’d make the rise ever so slightly higher.

Montana: I wish these jeans had a higher rise and for the sizing of the waist to be more true to size.

The N&F Max

Zoe chose the newest fit from Naked & Famous: the Max. This high rise, raw 98:2 cotton-stretch jean is N&F’s interpretation on the Mom Jean: a high rise, hip-hugging jean with a slim-tapered leg.

Q: What do you like best about the N&F Max?

Zoe: I like that it’s a slim taper, not a skinny for women. Finding a raw tapered jean in this size and rise is nice and high for a ladies that isn’t a skinny is perfect for me. They’ve also softened up quite a bit with a few weeks of wear. Zoe’s Rating of the N&F Max: Fit – 8 , Style – 10, Comfort – 8

Q: What do you dislike about this jean?

Zoe: I find them a little tight on the calf, and I almost wish they would do these in a ladies LHT option just to have that thick raw experience for women.


  • Carlota
    May 16, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    I agree with that the N&F High Skinny should be higher waisted. I own many pairs of high waisted jeans and I consider this N&F pair to be low to medium waist.

    I think that if one has a very straight body type (no bum, no hips, skinny legs) these would definitely be high waisted. Now the problem comes once a person has a bit of a curve. I have a thin waist but bigger hips and bum and I have to keep pulling this pants up.

  • dutil
    May 16, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Absolutely! The High Skinny tends to work really well on more of a “ruler” body type. Have you given the Max a try? It’s a more curve-friendly fit.

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