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Conversation: Filmmaker John Bolton Delivers a Strange Masterpiece at DOXA

Local filmmaker John Bolton explores the uncanny parallels between contemporary classical composer Mark Haney and his muse, Canadian stuntman Ken Carter (the Evil Knievel of the North), in the musical docudrama Aim for the Roses. We chatted with Bolton to learn how the film evolved from a performance piece (a choreographed interpretation of Haney’s underrated concept album of the same title) to a rich, eccentric and emotional character study that will tug at the heartstrings of all the dreamers of…

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Backyard Urban Farm Company: A Fresh Start after The End of Suburbia

In Toronto, Marc and Arlene Green have been inspiring their community to reverse the damage done to the environment through the Backyard Urban Farm Company. By offering gardening products, planning and coaching, they are propelling a movement that lowers our carbon footprint and encourages a sustainable, natural, independent and local lifestyle.…

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