Denim has helped shape pop culture since the dawn of time (ie: the late 18th century); in fact, we think the natural history museum should have a pair of Levi’s hanging somewhere next to the dinosaur bones. Some looks inspired us, other looks changed fashion forever. We are counting down to the number one iconic moment in denim’s pop cultural history.

ODE TO MY BLUE (jeans) I’ll wear them with me Woven can be my wild The old blues Made into new hues This is the naked I will become A kind of weight That will never whine Willing to dig down Deeper Into the holes and cracks I shape Into whatever shade is given Call me a cowboy Call me a wrangler Or call me a woman Dressed to impress As I wander Won’t you follow My blues I’ll bring them Never Hollow - Jenna Kennedy

When the ball drops and the glitter clears on the first day of the year, ya’ll are determined to work away those sads. I wanna help. Let’s look at some stuff that will make this winter cuddly and this new year hopeful.