Which Naked & Famous Fit Are You?

Find out which naked & Famous fit works best for you Which Naked & Famous Jean are you?

Naked & Famous Fits: How to Decide

It’s no secret that dutil stocks a lot of Naked & Famous fits to suit a wide range of body types and desires. We know that the many fits and styles can at first be overwhelming, so we decided to fix that.

What better way to find out which Naked & Famous fit is best suited for you through this quiz! Follow along and keep track of how many 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s you get to find your perfect fit!

P.S.: Naked & Famous has great apparel options as well, but that’s another article!


Let’s talk Fit: You prefer a…

  1. Moderate slim fit
  2. Relaxed fit
  3. Slim and narrow
  4. Slim straight

What about legs? You want your jeans to…

  1. Have a standard taper
  2. Have a narrow taper
  3. Slim to skinny taper
  4. Have no taper

You like the waist to be…

  1. Narrower fit, medium rise
  2. Relaxed, mid rise
  3. Low-Mid rise
  4. Mid rise

The Results!

If you chose mostly 1’s, you’re best suited for the Weird Guy

If you chose mostly 2’s, you’re best suited for the Easy Guy

If you chose mostly 3’s, you’re best suited for the Super Skinny Guy

If you chose mostly 4’s, you’re best suited for the Skinny Guy

What if your results were somewhere in between? What if you’re a Weird-SuperSkinny-Easy Guy conglomeration? Then congratulations! It looks like multiple Naked & Famous fits could work for you, stop by dutil Toronto or dutil Vancouver and try on some jeans to get a sense of which fit’s best for you!